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Button Mushroom FG4

FG4 is another blockbuster strain of Milkyway, it can adapt to a variety of compost and is very high yielding. It produces Small to Medium mushrooms and can also withstand temperature variations. The cap is round and fleshy with a short stem, best suited for handpicking.

Button Mushroom FG9

FG9 is the most favored spawn strain in India it produces large smooth mushrooms with short stipe. This can also withstand a variety of composts and can also tolerate temperatures and CO2 variations. Best suited for sale in fresh markets and handpicking. FG9 also has an excellent shelf life.


Milkyway Cheetah produces distinctive robust quality mushrooms, the perfect ratio of Stipe to Cap, it produces medium to large mushrooms, ideal for fresh sales. This is the most innovative spawn of India, being added with Milkyway’s proprietary activating bioagents. Cheetah is a super-fast spawn and helps in completing spawn run and case run in a very short time.

Shiitake Mushroom

Shiitake is a getting popularity in Indian markets. Milkyway Shiitake Spawn is high yielding and produces round and heavy fruit bodies. However color and fleshiness of fruiting depend on temperature and exposure to light.

King Oyster Mushroom

King Oyster Mushroom Spawn is a robust and reliable strain of mushrooms that produces large, thick-stemmed mushrooms with a meaty texture and delicate flavor. It is a popular choice for commercial growers and hobbyists alike due to its high yield, adaptability to different growing conditions, and long shelf life.

Oyster Mushroom

Milkyway Oyster Mushroom Spawn is an all-time favourite of oyster mushroom growers, it comes in various colours like Blue, Yellow, Pink & White. It produces thick and flashy fruit bodies with a velvety texture and mild nutty flavour. This spawn produces versatile mushrooms that can be used in various recipes.


This is the latest spawn medium developed in India by Milkyway, it’s an exclusive combination of Milkyway’s unique synthetic substrate mixed with the nutrition of Millet.

This combination works well in almost all typeas of composts and is getting famous among progressive growers because of its special anti-mold qualities.

It’s a perfect combination of Natural & Synthetic mix for spawn and both materials complement each other for a good crop.